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Experience and Sophistication – TriGate’s team has extensive real estate experience, including prior leadership of premier investment funds and operating companies. TriGate offers the real estate community a level of sophistication not typically found in comparably sized firms.

Hands-On, Entrepreneurial Management Team – TriGate is led by a seasoned, hands-on management team that can tailor capital structures to a given situation. The Firm’s principals are actively involved in all aspects of TriGate’s investment process. TriGate prides itself on teamwork within a non-bureaucratic environment thereby ensuring timely and sensible execution.

Long Term Investment Horizon – Many opportunistic capital sources have a short-term time horizon. TriGate is willing to invest in situations that may require a long-term value-added approach. TriGate is driven by overall profits as much as by internal rates of return.

Discretionary Capital Provides a Predictable and Reliable Process – TriGate’s Fund III is in place and its principals exercise full discretion over the investment of its capital. TriGate is able to be responsive to any opportunity and to make investment decisions promptly and decisively. The combination of discretionary capital and an agile team allows for predictable and reliable deal execution.

Flexible Structures – TriGate will consider all property types and structures and is flexible in designing solutions to meet the needs of a given situation. TriGate has the creative capacity and ability to consider all types of real estate opportunities, with no investment “box” to which it must adhere.